Monday, August 8, 2011

Blue Eyes by Sheldon Vella

"Fuckin', titties and dinosaurs. FUCKIN'. TITTIES. AND DINOSAURS.

I love you." - sheldon

Available for purchase.  Please email for details. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Miho" by Tyler Crook

"Miho" by Shawn Crystal

"I see Sin City (and most of Frank Millers work) creating visual tension through the juxtaposition of opposing ideas. The divine and the grotesque. There is also a focus on strong graphic design. I chose the take the Angelic looking Miho and cover her in blood, eliminating line as much as possible.  What's more American than sex and violence? :) " - Shawn

Available for purchase.  Please email for details.  
(9 x 12" Pencil & Ink)

"Miho" by Robbi Rodriguez

"Ava & Marv" by Ryan Stegman

"I picked Ava because, well, she's naked a lot. And I'm a pervert. Also, I was actually in the middle of reading "A Dame to Kill For" when this subject came up, so it was only natural. 

And Marv...Well, Marv just looked like he would be insanely fun to draw. I hadn't tackled his character before, but I couldn't resist those big white bandages contrasting with the black. 

I realize the two of them, Ava and Marv, never really hooked up or anything in the books. But hey, maybe it happened off the page sometime in the past!" - Ryan

(11 x 14" SOLD)

"Miho" by Nathan Fox

"Goldie" by Christopher Mitten

Available for purchase.  Please email for details.

"Goldie" by Moritat