Sunday, November 6, 2011

Master Race by Nathan Fox (EC Comics Week)

“Homage to this EC Impact Series & Krigstein's horror/suspence classic.

In grad school, my thesis advisor brought in a tattered, well thumbed through edition of EC Classics. Among them was MASTER RACE and my first exposure to B. Krigstein and his work. Needless to say - it blew my mind.
I was enthralled with the collection of stories. It was easily my first real sit down with ANY form of EC Comics. (A new world, door, window, whatever - was opened that day...). Something about the pace, suspense, movement and storytelling of this story, especially, made everything suddenly click into place - How I got interested in visual-storytelling, illustration and the possibility of working in comics as a profession - it all just clicked. Krigstein's work lead me to Berthet & Bernet, rediscovering Caniff and so on (too many to name but much respect to all) - I was hooked...

...and have been happily addicted to this narrative/ink on paper crack-habit ever since.
Inspirational stuff. Long live storytelling!” - Nathan

Original: Ink on Bristol. Title is scratched out of paper. 13x18.5

Monday, October 31, 2011

Wally Wood Vampire by Moritat (EC Comcis Week)

Wally Wood Alien by Robbi Rodriguez (EC Comics Week)

Corpse of the Imjin by Tyler Crook (EC Comics Week)

“When I was about 12 years old a family friend gave me a copy of "A Smithsonian book of Comic-Book Comics". Among other things it re-printed two EC war stories that were written and drawn by Harvey Kurtzman. They blew my mind! They were some of the first comics I ever read that didn't have a happy ending. The endings were ambiguous and awful. They made the characters seem sad and futile. Just the opposite of the way every super hero story ended. And to top it off Kertzman's art just seemed plain weird. I loved it but it was weird.  To this day I still wish that I could ink like Kurtzman.  His confidence came through in every stroke. Amazing!

So anyway here's my Ashcan All-Stars piece for the week. I swiped a sequence from "Corpse on the Imjin".” - Tyler

11 x 14 in, ink of bristol colored in PhotoShop.