Friday, November 11, 2011

Moebius’ “Airtight Garage” by Khary Randolph

"my submission for Airtight Garage. Here's a giant robot black guy. It wasn't until I was halfway through this that I realized I was basically drawing a black Phantom." - k.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Moebius' "Airtight Garage" by Tyler Crook

“I think the Air Tight garage was the first thing I ever read by Moebius. If I understand it right, he was pretty much making up the story as he went along in sort of a stream of consciousness kinda way. And it shows when you read it. The story meanders and feels a bit disjointed and kinda pointless sometimes. Some of the pages look like they took a week to draw and others look like they took two minutes. But the thing that is really great about it is this: it's an amazing artist playing with the medium. He's having fun and trying stuff and not worrying the work as a whole. It feels like it was fun to make and I think that makes it really fun to read.” - Tyler

15 x 11, gouache and water color on watercolor paper.

Moebius' "Airtight Garage" by Christopher Mitten

Moebius' "Airtight Garage" by Robbi Rodriguez